Cyngen Powys, King of Powys
(Latin: Concennus; English: Concenn)

Cyngen, son of King Cadell Powys, was the King who erected 'Eliseg's Pillar' to the memory of his grandfather, Elisedd, at Llantysilio-yn-Ial in Northern Powys. He re-established Powysian independence after the Anglo-Saxon invasions of 823, and probbaly transferred the Royal Court from Dinas-Bran to Mathrafal. Cyngen died on a pilgrimage to Rome in 854. His family, back in Powys, may have been quite young at the time, for his nephew, Rhodri Mawr (the Great) appears to have immediately imposed himself on the kingdom.

Records of King Cyngen date back to the 9th century. He is an historic personage


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