Elisedd, King of Powys
(Latin: Elisetus; English: Ellis)

Elisedd was the great grandson of Prince Myngan of Powys. He is best known through the name of the inscribed base of his memorial cross, known as Eliseg's Pillar. This stands atopa prehistoric burial mound at Llantysilio-yn-Ial in Northern Powys. The large stone cross was erected by his great grandson, King Cyngen, some one hundred years after Elisedd's ascendancy in the early 8th century. Its inscription praises his victories against the Anglo-Saxons and includes an exceptional record of the Powysian pedigree, stretching back through his father King Gwylog ap Beli's line to the infamous King Vortigern and the Emperor Magnus Maximus. Elisedd lived at nearby Castell Dinas-Bran, which is also associated with the Celtic ancestor god, Bran, and King Arthur's Quest to find the Holy Grail.

King Elisedd's Pillar dates from the 9th century. He is generally considered historic.


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