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Gerren Llyngesoc, King of Dumnonia
(Born c.AD 448)
(Welsh: Gereint; Latin: Gerontius; English: Gereint)

The eldest son of King Erbin of Dumnonia. Arthurian tradition would have us believe that, after the death of his his wife, "Sir Gereint" spent much time at King Arthur's Court, looking for action and adventure. It was supposedly during this period that he encountered the Sparrow Hawk Knight and came to marry Lady Enid of Caer-Teim (Cardiff), a story told in the ancient tales of "Erec (alias Gereint) & Enid" and "Geraint mab Erbin". He inherited the Dumnonian throne in c.497 (or 480) and is recorded as one of the great "Fleet Owners" of post-Roman Britain His castle was once called Caer-Gurrel or Fort of the Ship. He died fighting the Saxons with the High-King Arthur at the Battle of Llongborth (Portsmouth, Somerset) around 480/510. This recorded in a long Welsh poem called the "Elegy for Gereint". He was succeeded by his son, Cado.


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