Gorlois, 'Duke' of Tintagel
(Born c.AD 452)
(Welsh: Gwrlais; Latin: Worlesius; English: Wallace)

According to Geoffrey of Monmouth's 'History of the Kings of Britain,' Gorlois was the 'Duke of Cornwall' in roughly the mid-fifth century. He was the master of Tintagel Castle (Din-Tagell) and the husband of the ravishingly beautiful Ygerna (Igraine, in other texts), whose charms were an irresistible temptation to King Uther. Gorlois was slain in combat at St. Dennis (Dimilioc), unsuccessfully defending his lands and wife against Uther's forces.

Gorlois (Gwrlais in Welsh) may be a supposed to represent a sub-king of Kernow (Cornwall), the western portion of Dumnonia, under King Erbin. Place-names, such as Carhurles (Caer-Wrlais) and Treworlas (Tre-Wrlais), suggest the man's name at least is historic. Late pedigrees invented by Iolo Goch give his descent from Gerdan, a younger son of King Solor of Glywysing (Glamorgan). These appear to be corrupted versions of the pedigrees of the similarly named Glywys, King of Glywysing.

There are no historic records of Gorlais. He is generally considered legendary.

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