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Idwal Iwrch, King of Gwynedd
(Latin: Ituvellus; English: Judwald)

Idwal the Roebuck was the son of King Cadwaladr Fendigaid of Gwynedd. Legend suggests that he grew up in exile in Brittany and he may be the 'Ifwr,' of Geoffrey of Monmouth's narrative, who returned to Gwynedd to reclaim his father's throne, probably in AD 664. He succeeded him eighteen years later. The period of his father's reign added to his own comes very close to the 'forty-nine years' which he is supposed to have spent battling against the Saxons.

Idwal married Angharad (alias Agatha), the daughter of King Alain II Hir (the Tall) of Brittany, at whose court he had spent his youth. When he died in AD 712, he was followed as King of Gwynedd by his son, Rhodri Molwynog.


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