Rhodri Molwynog, King of Gwynedd
(Latin: Rodericus; English: Roderick)

Rhodri the Bald & Grey was the son of King Idwal Iwch of Gwynedd and his wife, Angharad of Cornouaille. A story recorded in the 16th century tells how Rhodri invaded or conquered Dumnonia - possibly during his youth - but he was forced to return to North Wales by incursions from the Anglo-Saxons. The year of his accession in Gwynedd is variously given as AD 712, 720, 722 or 730. The earliest date seems most likely. He married an Irish princess, Margaret ferch Duplory and had one son, Cynan Dindaethwy. He died in AD 754, when the throne was seized by Caradog ap Meirion.

Records of King Rhodri date back to the 10th century. He is generally considered historic.


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