Masguic Gloff, King of Greater Ebrauc
(Born c.AD 425)
(Welsh: Maeswig; Latin: Maxuicius; English: Maxwick)

Masguic the Lame, or Mar for short, was a son of King Ceneu of Northern Britain. He appears to have inherited the southern portion of his father's kingdom, covering modern Yorkshire, in mid-5th century, presumably with a base at Caer-Ebrauc (York) itself. High-King Vortigern's policy of employing Anglo-Saxon mercenaries to defeat British enemies meant that, for most of his reign, Ceneu was probably obliged to accept the help of the Jutes, Octha and Ebissa, in pushing back invading Picts from his kingdom. Their interference was widely resented and it probably not until after the Kentish rebellion that Masguic finally gained direct control over them. He apparently tolerated the Anglian settlements in Deywr (Deira, now East Yorkshire).

Upon his death, the different parts of his kingdom would appear to have been largely divided between his sons, Lleinauc and Arthuis. A lesser region may have gone to another son, Einion, who became the father of Rhun Ryfedd Fawr and grandfather of Princess Perfawr, wife of King Rhun Hir of Gwynedd.

Records of King Masguic alias Mar date back to the 11th century. He is generally considered apocryphal.


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