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Anglo-Saxon Goddess of the Home

Frige, Anglo-Saxon Godess of the Home -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • Frige was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Marriage, Child-birth and the Home. She should not be confused with Freo.
  • She was also a goddess of the Earth and the Harvest, and was married to Woden.
  • Her sacred animal was the stork. Her sacred tool was the spinning wheel.
  • Her sacred constellation in the stars was 'Orion's Belt'. It is sometimes called 'Frige's Distaff'.
  • Her special day was Friday which means 'Frige's Day'. Her special month may have been September when the harvest was. This was called 'Holy Month' in Old English.
  • Can you find any places near you that are named after Frige? Use a map. Look for places beginning with the words Fro, Froy, Fry or Free.
  • Activity Sheet available.


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