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Anglo-Saxon Chief of the Gods

Woden, Anglo-Saxon Chief of the Gods -  Nash Ford Publishing






  • Woden was the Chief or King of the Anglo-Saxon gods. He also had the nickname of 'Grim'.
  • He is mentioned in lots of Anglo-Saxon literature.
  • He was the most powerful of the gods, and was particularly associated with Death and War. The Anglo-Saxons made sacrifices to him before battles.
  • He was also a God of Wisdom and discovered (or invented) the Germanic writing system called runes.
  • His sacred animal was the wolf. He had two pet wolves. He may be shown with them on the purse from the Sutton Hoo Ship Burial
  • His sacred bird was the raven. His sacred plant was the ash tree. His sacred weapon was the spear.
  • He is sometimes shown with one eye.
  • His special day was Wednesday which means 'Woden's Day'.
  • He led the 'wild hunt'. These hunters rode across the night's sky on their black horses and with wild black dogs, searching for non-believers to punish.
  • The Saxons often thought he must have built the huge prehistoric banks, ditches and barrows whose origins they didn't understand.
  • Can you find any places near you that are named after Woden? Use a map. Look for places beginning with the words Wans, Wednes, Wens, Woodnes or Grim.
  • Activity Sheet available.


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