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of Northumbria

King Oswiu (or Oswy) of Northumbria -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • His name is pronounced 'Oz-wee'.
  • Oswiu was the brother of King Oswald of Northumbria. He became King after him.
  • Oswiu was a warrior. He had led his brother's army which took over Gododdin (in Scotland).
  • He got married lots of times. His first wife was the daughter of the King of North Rheged. So he inherited this kingdom.
  • Oswiu spent most of his reign fighting against King Penda of Mercia. The Mercians took over Northumbria in AD 655. The two sides had a big battle. Penda's friends would not help him fight and he was killed.
  • In AD 664, there was a big argument about when people should celebrate Easter. The Northumbrians worked it out the Irish way. A lot of people said you should do it the Roman way. Oswiu called a big meeting at Whitby to decide. The Roman Church won.


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