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of Northumbria

  • Oswald was born about AD 605. He was a Prince Bernicia (part of Northumbria).
  • When he was a boy, his father was killed by King Edwin of Northumbria. He was made to live in exile (outside his country).
  • Oswald's friend, King Domnall Brecc of Dalriada (in Scotland), helped him gather together a big army. After Edwin's death, they fought a big battle with the Welsh & the Mercians who were living in Northumbria. King Cadwallon of Gwynedd (in Wales) was killed and Oswald took back his kingdom.
  • Oswald was a famous Christian. He did lots of good works.
  • He helped the Irishman, St. Aidan, set up the monastery at Lindisfarne. He also made friends with the Kings of Wessex & North Rheged.
  • His armies took over Gododdin (in Scotland).
  • In AD 641, he was killed fighting King Penda of Mercia at Oswestry in Shropshire.


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