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in the Dark Ages
  • After the Romans left Britain, some British people, carried on living in towns like before.
  • They lived in their old Roman houses, but it was difficult to make repairs. No-one was making tiles or quarrying building stone anymore.
  • Some roofs may have been re-covered with thatch, using reeds or straw.
  • Some new buildings were built in wood. The best examples which archaeologists have found are from Wroxeter in Shropshire (pictured right).
  • Many of these buildings were lived in by ordinary people.
  • Rich lords & kings also lived in towns. At Wroxeter, a local king (possibly Vortigern) had a very large wooden mansion. At Cirencester, a local king turned the old Roman amphitheatre into a small fort.
  • After a while, living in towns became less popular.


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