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Roman Gods & Goddesses in Britain
worshipped by the Romans in Britain

There were lots of pagan Roman gods. We know lots about them because the Romans wrote a lot of stories about them. This is called their 'mythology'. Mythological stories are stories made up to explain things in times before proper science. People believed they were true at the time. Roman gods were the same as Greek gods, but they had different names. When the Romans conquered Britain, they looked at Iron Age Celtic British gods and their special abilities. They decided that a lot of these must also be the same as their gods under different names. However, they ended up identifying Roman gods with more than one Celtic one. There are far too many gods to list, but here are some of the ones that were popular in Britannia.

Chief Jupiter Zeus Belenos Male
Countryside Faunus Pan Cernunnos Male
Harvest Ceres Demeter Anu Female
Healing Mars Ares Nodens Male
Home Vesta Hestia Nantosuelta Female
Hunting Diana Artemis Abnoba Female
Light Mars Ares Loucetios Male
Love Venus Aphrodite Unknown Female
Luck Fortuna Tyche Nehalennia Female
Messenger Mercury Hermes Cissonios Male
Metalworking Vulcan Hephestus Gofannon Male
Sea Neptune Poseidon Manawydan Male
Sun Apollo Apollo Belenos Male
Thunder Jupiter Zeus Taranis Male
War Mars Ares Camulos Male
Wine Bacchus Dionysius Sucellus Male
Wisdom Minerva Athene Sulis Female
Women Juno Hera Modron Female
Woodland Silvanus Silvanus Callirios Male
Youth Apollo Apollo Mabon Male

The Romans also brought the worship of gods from other parts of the Empire to Britain. They were often very mysterious, like Mithras from Persia (Iran) or Isis from Aegyptus (Egypt). Later, the single Christian God became popular; but, when the Saxons settled in Britain, they worshipped lots of pagan gods too.


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