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What it was all about

  • When the Saxons first settled in Britain, they were pagans. The Pope thought this was bad. He was in charge of the Christians. He lived in Rome.
  • In AD 597, the Pope sent a missionary called St. Augustine to persuade the Saxons to become Christians. He did this in Canterbury in Kent.
  • Lots of other missionaries followed him. They went to different parts of the country.
  • Some of these missionaries came from the Roman Church in Europe and some came from Ireland. The Roman and Irish priests did things differently. They had a big argument about when to celebrate Easter. In AD 664, King Oswiu of Northumbria had to call a big meeting to decide. The Roman Christians won.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury was in charge of all the bishops and priests in England. The bishops were in charge of all the priests in an area of land called a 'diocese' or 'bishopric'.
  • At the centre of each diocese, the bishops built cathedrals. Across the country, priests built minster churches.
  • Do you know of any minsters near you? Groups of priests lived at them. They went out into the countryside and taught people about the Bible.
  • There were also many monasteries.
  • Later, small churches were built in almost every village in the country. Each one had its own priest. These are called parish churches. Where is your parish church? 
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