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How do we know what it was like?
  • Early 8th Century Carving of Aethebald, King of Mercia -  Nash Ford PublishingArchaeologists have dug up the graves of lots of early Saxon men. Apart from a skeleton, there was usually only a buckle. The belt had rotted away. But sometimes other things were buried with them too, like  weapons.
  • Men wearing tunics are shown in pictures on the helmet from the Sutton Hoo ship burial.
  • Where the Saxons came from in Europe, old Saxon bodies have been dug up in bogs. Bogs are very wet. Cloth sometimes doesn't rot in bogs. Archaeologists have found Saxons wearing baggy trousers and 'bandages' wound round their legs.
  • Roman stone carvings show Saxon men wearing cloaks. They were usually tied with a toggle or strings. Brooches to pin them in place are quite rare in graves of Saxon men.
  • We have lots of drawings in manuscripts and some carvings (see picture) of later Saxon men.
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