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in Saxon Graves at Sutton Hoo and other Places?

  • Pagan Saxons believed that, after they died, they would live on in a different place. This is called an 'After-Life'. Many different religions have similar beliefs.
  • The Saxons believed they would need lots of belongings in this new life. The richer and more important the person, the more things they would need.
  • If archaeologists find a grave containing a body with lots of possessions, they know that the dead person was a pagan.
  • Some bodies are found with coins. These were to pay the ferryman who would ferry the dead person across the sea to their afterlife.
  • Most dead people would walk to the ferry. The dead man in Mound 17 at Sutton Hoo had his horse to carry him.
  • The man buried in the big famous mound at Sutton Hoo had his own ship buried with him so it could carry him to the afterlife. He still had to pay for the oarsmen to row him though.
  • Some people think that the 40 coins in his purse were to pay for 40 oarsmen. The two small gold bars were to pay the pilot and the steersman.


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