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Anglo-Saxon God of War

Tiw, Anglo-Saxon God of War -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • Tiw was the Anglo-Saxon god of War and Combat.
  • He was also a Sky God.
  • His sacred animal was the wolf. He was usually shown with only one hand.
  • This Viking story explains why:
    • The gods decided to tie up the giant 'Fenris Wolf' because they had predicted that it would kill Woden.
    • To do this, the dwarves made a special unbreakable ribbon.
    • But the wolf would not let the gods near him unless one of them put their hand in his mouth.
    • Tiw agreed to do this and so the gods were able to tie up the wolf.
    • The gods were then happy. All except Tiw, because, when the gods grabbed the wolf, it had bitten off his hand!
  • His special day was Tuesday which means 'Tiw's Day'.
  • Can you find any places near you that are named after Tiw? Use a map. Look for places beginning with the words Tis, Tues, Tyes or Tys.
  • Activity Sheet available.


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