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  • Sutton Hoo is a place in Suffolk.
  • In the Dark Ages & Saxon times, it was in the Kingdom of East Anglia.
  • There is a field in the village with lots of big bumps in the ground. Some are quite large, like small hills.
  • No-one knew how old the mounds were, but they thought they probably had people buried inside them.
  • In Tudor times, treasure hunters had dug a big hole into the biggest mound, but they didn't find much.
  • Before the Second World War, the land was owned by a lady named Mrs. Edith Pretty. She was very interested in history.
  • In 1939, she let a group of archaeologists excavate the main big mound. They were led by Stuart Piggott and Peter Grimes.
  • They found that it was Saxon and contained lots of armour, weapons, jewellery, symbols of power and other treasures. Gold, gold and more gold!
  • All these things were found inside the remains of a huge wooden ship which had been buried under the mound.
  • But there was no body!
  • This was the greatest archaeological discovery ever made on British soil.
  • All the things found can be seen in the British Museum in London.
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