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St. Erconwald, Bishop of London
(Died AD 693)

Erconwald was probably a minor member of either the Essex or Kentish Royal family. He founded the monasteries of Chertsey (Surrey) and Barking (Essex) for himself and his sister, St. Ethelburga, to reside over respectively. In AD 675, Archbishop Theodore of Canterbury consecrated Erconwald as Bishop of London (Middlesex & Essex) which made him an influential force in the country. He witnessed the preface to the laws of King Ine and was, later, responsible for bringing about the reconciliation between Archbishop Theodore and St. Wilfred of York. Erconwald eventually died on 30th April AD 693 at Barking and was buried in St. Paulís Cathedral. He was, apparently, so saintly that, after his death, people would cut splinters from his horse-litter as miracle-working relics. His shrine quickly became a popular visit with pilgrims in London.


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