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Regions Chronologies
Wales Early British Kingdoms AD 410-495
The West Early British Kingdoms AD 496-599
The South Early British Kingdoms AD 600-699
The Midlands Early British Kingdoms AD 700-804
The North Early British Kingdoms AD 805-937
Lowland Scotland





4th Century Britain


Britain in AD 425
Kings of Brycheiniog Britain in AD 450
Kings of Deheubarth Britain in AD 475
Kings of Dyfed Britain in AD 500
Kings of Gwynedd Britain in AD 525
Kings of Morgannwg/Glywysing Britain in AD 550
King of Powys Britain in AD 575
Kings of Strathclyde Britain in AD 600
Bishops of Ergyng, Teilo & Llandaff Britain in AD 625
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