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Hentland Church
Home of St. Dyfrig

Hentland was the Collegiate Church or monastery of St. Dyfrig (alias Dubricius), the famous 6th century Bishop of Glywysing & Gwent. As such it is, even today, a popular place of pilgrimage. Hidden peacefully away at the end of a long track, it is nevertheless well sign-posted. St. Dyfrig supposedly trained some 2,000 priests here over a period of seven years. Recent investigations have revealed that his monastic buildings probably stood in the now open field to the south of the church.

The present building is almost completely 14th century, though much restored by the Victorians. Fittings include a Jacobean chair covered in a number of grotesques and a good 15th century carved font. The stained glass of the east window is of a similar date and features a depiction of the church's patron.


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