Arthuis, King of Greater Ebrauc
(Born c.AD 455)
(Welsh: Arthwys; Latin: Artorius; English: Arthur)

In the late 5th century, Arthuis succeeded his father, King Masguic Gloff (alias Mar), as the monarch of a Northern Ebrauc (York). He was probably a contemporary of the great High-King Arthur of romantic legend, and stories of the latter's exploits in the north could be a muddled memory of this northern king. Upon his death, his kingdom was divided amongst his sons: Eliffer Gosgorddfawr taking the central region around the city of Ebrauc (York) and Pabo Post Prydein probably taking the mountainous Pennine region.

Records of King Arthuis date back to the 11th century. He is generally considered apocryphal.


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