Cadfael Cadomedd, King of Gwynedd
(Latin: Catumaglus; English: Cadbald)

King Cadfael the Battle-Shirker seized the Gwynedd throne upon the death of the mighty King Cadwallon in AD 634. His origins are unknown, though his father's name was Cynfeddw. Civil War followed his crowning, as his predecessor's young son and his supporters fled the kingdom, possibly to Brittany. Cadfael appears to have helped Cadwallon's old ally, King Penda of Mercia, carry on the fight against the Northumbrians. His men fought bravely during King Oswald's final defeat at the Battle of Maes Cogwy (Oswestry), in AD 642; and, again, were present at the Battle of Gai Campus (Winwaed) against King Oswiu in AD 655. Although, at the latter, they withdrew in the night before the fighting commenced and thus swayed the odds in Northumbria's favour. His reign was remembered for both famine and plague, and he probably died of the latter in AD 664.

Records of King Cadfael date back to the 9th century. He is probably historic.


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