Cradelmant,King of Norgales
Arthurian Literary Character

King Cradelmant of Norgales was brother of King Belinant of Sugales. He became one of the rebel kings who fought against Arthur at the beginning of his reign. He brought 5,000 men to the Battle of Bedegraine but, like his allies, had to abandon their cause to repel Saxon invasions on his land. He was later reconciled with Arthur and fought triumphantly by his side against the Saxons at the Battle of Clarence. He further assisted the great king against the forces of Imperial Rome; and then against King Ryons - an alliance of mutual benefit as he was a fellow, yet troublesome, North Welsh ruler. Sir Agravaine fell in love with Cradelmant's daughter.

His character is probably based on that of King Cadwallon of Gwynedd who lived in the late 5th century.


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