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Cuncar, King of Bryneich
(Born c.AD 490)

(Welsh: Cyngar; Latin: Concarius; English: Conger)

The son of Dumnagual Moilmut, possibly the youngest. It is uncertain if he was a King of Bryneich at all. He may have inherited the kingdom from his childless brother, Bran Hen, in the mid-6th century or the throne may have passed directly to his son, Morcant Bulc. If his brother, Bran's identification with the Brennius of Geoffrey of Monmouth be accepted, it would appear that the brothers received half the kingdom each from their father and armies clashed over the exact proportions. King Ida of the Bernicians was in the ascendant during his reign, probably the period at which they overran the British Royal Palace at Din-Guardi (Bamburgh).


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