St. Dingat, King of Selcovia
(Born c.AD 550)
(Welsh: Dingad; Latin: Tincatus; English: Tinkat)

An enigmatic figure, Dingat, son of King Nudd Hael, would appear to have been the last king of the proposed Kingdom of Selcovia. He entered into a dynastic marriage with Princess Tenoi of adjoining Gododdin and they became the parents of Lleuddad, Baglan, Eleri, Tygwy and Tyfriog. However, none of these sons inherited the throne and all became saints in the church in distant Wales.

It seems likely that Dingat and his family were expelled from the lowlands during the expansionist policies pursued by King Edwin of Northumbria in the early 7th century, although it may have been Strathclyde which ended up taking over most of the country. They apparently settled in the Bryn Buga (Usk) area of Gwent, for Dingat is sometimes referred to as 'King' of that town. He founded the church of Llanddingad (Dingestow), Gwent, where he is still the patron.

Records of King Dingat date back to the 12th century. He could well be historic.


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