Prince Elidyr Mwynfawr of Strathclyde
(Born c.AD 530)
(Welsh: Elidir; Latin: Elidurus; English: Elider)

Elidyr the Wealthy, sometimes mistakenly called the Courteous, was traditionally the son of Prince Gurgust Briadar map Dumnagual Hen and cousin of Kings Tutgual Tutclyd and Neithon of Strathclyde. He is best known for having married the eldest legitimate daughter of King Maelgwn Hir of Gwynedd. An old story tells how he considered his wife to be this Welsh king's heiress even though Maelgwn's illegitimate son, Rhun, had taken on the Gwynedd Crown according to Welsh law which gave equal rights to children born on both sides of the blanket. Northern law may have looked upon things a little differently. About 560, Elidyr is said to have taken a large army by Sea to invade Gwynedd and press his wife's claim to the throne. He sailed through the Menai Straits to Caer-Segeint, aka Caer-yn-Arfon (Caernarfon) but King Rhun was prepared for him. The latter's Welshmen defeated Elidyr's army on the Battle of Aber Mewydd (Cadnant Brook) and the Northern Prince was killed in the battle.

Records of Prince Eildyr date back to the 12th century. He is generally considered legendary.


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