Guitol, King of Domnonée
(Born c.AD 360)
(Welsh: Gwidol; Latin: Vitalis; English: Fidel)

The early 5th century King Guitol is recorded in the Lives of Saint Winnoc and of Saint Judicael as the son of "Urbieni filii Catoui filii Gerentonis". Thus the rulers of the Continental Domnonée are shown to originate from British Dumnonia. Unfortunately, however, it is chronologically impossible for Guitol to have been the grandson of King Cado ap Gerren of Dumnonia. It seems probable that Catoui is, in fact, a transcriptual error for Cononi. Conan Meriadoc was traditionally said to have been the son of Gereint ap Einudd. Guitol's father, Urbien was presumably considered the first King of Domnonée, while his supposed brother, Gradlon Mawr, was the King of Cornouaille, the kingdom having been thought to have been divided amongst sons in the usual Celtic manner. Guitol was eventually succeeded by his son, King Deroch I, and then his grandson, who is traditionally recorded as Riwal Mawr Marchou but, in reality, was probably Riatham.

Records of Guitol date back to the 11th century. He is generally considered apocryphal.


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