Iddon, King of Gwent
(Born c.AD 468)
(Latin: Itonus; English: Ethan)

Iddon, son of King Ynyr Gwent and St. Madrun, became a Christian in the early 6th century under St. Beuno, and is well attested as a major patron of of the Church (later the Cathedral) at Llandaff. Ruling a kingdom near the English border, Iddon's people were prone to attack from the Anglo-Saxons. One battle with them was fought at Llantilio Crossenny. There, Iddon found his army not doing too well until St. Teilo prayed for their victory. The King of Gwent then easily won the day. Another old story is told of how Iddon travelled north to Aberffraw to avenge the murder of his sister, Digwg, who had been savagely cut down by her own husband, after a visit to Gwent. St. Beuno later restored the lady to life.

Records of King Iddon date back to the 7th century. He is generally considered historic.


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