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Sir Loholt
Arthurian Literary Character

Sometimes called Ilinot or Borre, Sir Loholt was an illegitimate son of King Arthur by Lady Lisanor of Cardigan, with whom he had a brief fling prior to his marriage. Loholt was both a handsome and noble Knight of the Round Table who entered into a number of adventures. He helped his father rescue Queen Guinevere when kidnapped by King Valerin of the Tangled Wood; and fought and killed a giant named Logrin in the Perilous Forest. Sir Loholt fell in love with Lady Florie of Kanadic and died while in her service. He was  apparently captured by Sir Caradoc of the Dolorous Tower (or Sir Brian of the Isles) and incarcerated in his prison. There he contracted a rather unpleasant disease and died soon afterward. 

His Welsh original is called Llacheu.


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