Prince Myngan of Powys
(Born c.AD 610)
(Latin: Mincanus; English: Minchin)

Mael Myngan or 'Prince Myngan' appears to have been a very small boy when his father, Selyf Sarffgadau (Battle-Snake) was killed at the Battle of Caer-Legion (Chester) in 613. One theory asserts that this led to an invasion of Powys by Eluadd ap Glast (alias Eluan Powys), the erstwhile King of Dogfeiling. The usurper probably managed to hold the throne for some thirty years or more before he was killed fighting the Northumbrians, possibly at the Battle of Maes-Cogwy (Oswestry) in 642. The Dogfeiling dynasty was finally crushed by the Anglo-Saxons around 656. However, Myngan may not have been around by that time and it was his son, Beli, who took his rightful place on the Powysian Throne. Beli was the grandfather of King Elisedd ap Gwylog.

Records of Mael Myngan date back to the 11th century. He may be historic.


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