St. Menfre
(Born c.AD 471)
(Welsh: Mynfrewy; Latin: Menebreda; English: Menefreda)

According to the Cornish lists, Menfre, alias Menefreda, was one of the many holy daughters of King Brychan Brycheiniog. She appears to have been active in Wales, around Minwear, near Haverfordwest, in Dyfed but, later, left her native land in order to evangelise the Cornish.

She settled at Tredresick and then the place now called St. Minver, near Padstow, and apparently lived an austere life there in her little cell. One day, whilst combing her hair by her holy well, the Devil appeared to Menfre and tried to molest her. However, her comb made a formidable weapon, when necessary, and she threw it at him with pin-point accuracy; forcing him to fly away, before descending into Hell through Lundy Hole.

She died at St. Minver on 23rd November, sometime in the mid-6th century.

Records of St. Menfre date back to the 14th century. She is generally considered legendary.


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