Meurig, King of Gwent & Glywysing
(c.AD 492-c.535)
(Latin: Mauricius; English: Maurice)

Meurig was the only son of King Caradog Freichfras (Strong-Arm) of Gwent & the Vannetais. He is best known for uniting the Kingdoms of Gwent and Glywysing, through his marriage to the only daughter of King Glywys of Glywysing. Princess Dyfwn had many brothers, so Meurig must have been considerably surprised when they all died childless, save one. The heir to Glywysing, St. Cadog ruled for a while before turning full time to a religious life and passing his grandfather's Kingdom to his aunt Dyfwn and her husband. Meurig died in the late 6th century and was succeeded by his son, Erbig. He is often confused with his descendant and namesake.

Records of King Meurig date back to the 11th century. He could be historic.


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