St. Non
(Born c.AD 475)
(Latin: Nonita; English: Nonna)

Traditionally, Lady Non was the most noteworthy daughter of Lord Cynyr Ceinfarfog of Caer Goch. She was a nun at Ty Gwyn near Whitesands Bay (Dyfed) who was seduced, if not raped, by Prince Sandde of Ceredigion in the latter years of the 5th century. The poor pregnant girl went into hiding and ended up giving birth at Porth Coch Bach, on the coast just south of Mynyw (St. Davids), in the middle of a violent storm. During the birth, Non pressed her fingers so hard into a boulder beside her that she left their impression in the rock. A baby boy was born in a sea of brilliant light and the boulder was split in two by a dramatic lightning strike! Non named her son Dewi and he became the greatest saint in all of Britain (St. David). A chapel was built where Dewi was born and its ruins can still be seen there today. St. Non's Well, sporting her statue, is nearby.

Non brought Dewi up at Henfeynyw near Aberaeron and together they founded a nunnery at Llanon nearby. In later years, she moved to Kernow (Cornwall) to be near her sister, St. Wenna. Non sent out some oxen to drag her portable altar to the place where she would live. They stopped at Altarnon, where she settled down and founded a monastery. Non eventually retired to Brittany and settled in Dirinon in Finistère. Here she set up a third monastery, where she finally died on 3rd March. Her shrine can still be seen in the parish church today.

Records of St. Non date from the 11th century. It is possible that she is historic.


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