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Sir Sagremore
Arthurian Literary Character

Variously called the Desirous, the Unruly, the Rash, the Impetuous, the Orange or of the Desert, Sir Sagremore was the son of the King of Vlask & Hungary by a daughter of Eastern Emperor Hadrian. Raised in Constantinople as heir to the Byzantine Empire, he was the brother of Lady Clarie and Sir Dinas, as well as the Bishops of Limor and Lumeri. He was presumably also some relative of Sir Cligés. Upon the death of Sagremore's father, his mother re-married the British King of Estrangore named Brandegoris. Sagremore was thus in a great position to hear tales of the valiant King Arthur and his wars against the Saxons. At the age of fifteen, the draw became too much. He left Constantinople and followed his mother to Britain.

Sagremore arrived at Dover and headed at once for Camelot, where he found himself engaging a Saxon army under one King Oriel. Young Gawain and his brothers soon came to his assistance and, together, the small band were victorious. The lads all asked to join Arthur's court and Sagremore was amongst those knighted by Arthur.

The young knight's appointment was to continued service in the Saxon wars. He did well on the battlefields of Britain and slew a great number of enemy leaders. He further served in campaigns which went on to fight King Claudas, Imperial Rome and King Galehaut of Sorelais. Back in Britain, he became a Knight of the Round Table and a great friend of Sir Tristram. He was a very skilled warrior but somewhat rash and often had to be physically restrained to prevent him from attacking those who offended him.

Sir Sagremore's adventures often included rescuing and then seducing young virgins. Notably, Queen Sebile of Sarmenie whose lover he became after defending her against Baruc the Black; and the Lady Senehaut by whom he had a daughter who was raised by Queen Guinevere. He also liberated the Castle of Maidens from a siege by Tallides of the Marsh, but how grateful the maidens were is not recorded. He was eventually killed by Sir Mordred at the Battle of Camlann.


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