Lord Umbraphel
(Born c.AD 466)
(Latin: Umbramaglus; English: Humphrebald)

Umbraphel is only known from the 'Life' of St. Samson, the son of his brother, Amon. Umbraphel married Afrella, sister of Amon's wife, St. Anna of Oxenhall, and the two had three children long before their siblings had any. The eldest was St. Maglor, another was Samson's companion, Henwg.

When Amon was persuaded by his son to enter the monastic life, Umbraphel decided to join them. They settled at the monastery on Ynys Byr (Caldey Island), but, later, after Samson had spent some time in Ireland, he asked his uncle to cross the Irish Sea and and take up the post of Abbot of a monastery he had been given, probably at Bally Samson in County Wexford. Umbraphel lived there for the rest of his life.

Records of Umbraphel date back to the 7th century. He is generally considered historic.


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