St. Winnoc
(Died AD 717)
(Welsh: Gwynnog; Latin: Winocus; English: Winnow) 

Prince Winnoc appears to have been the son of St. Judicael, King of Domnonée. He fled to Kernow (Cornwall) in Britain during his youth, probably due to an invasion of Domnonée by the Cornish Bretons. He later returned with three companions to live under St. Bertin at his monastery in Sithiu (Saint-Omer). He did so well there, that St. Bertin sent him to Groeneberg (Bergues alias Sint-Winoksbergen) (France) to establish a new religious community. He was later given land at Wormhout where he became the first Abbot of another of his foundations. Winnoc is well recorded as having several times, in old age, ground corn here without touching his hand-mill. He died on 6th November 717. He was originally buried at Wormhout, but his relics were later moved to Saint-Omer and now rest in Bergues.

Records of St. Winnoc/Winnow date back to the 11th century. He is generally considered historic.


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