EBK Activity Sheets


gets the Saxons to dump their Old Gods

  • When the Saxons first settled in Britain, they were all pagans.
  • The Pope was in charge of all Christians. In AD 598, he decided to send a bishop, named Augustine, to persuade all the Saxons to become Christians.
  • St. Augustine crossed the English Channel and went to the palace of King Aethelbert of Kent in Canterbury.
  • King Aethelbert was a pagan, but his wife was a Christian. She was a Frank (from France). Augustine hoped she would welcome him. He was right.
  • Augustine spoke to the King about the Bible. He persuaded Aethelbert to become a Christian. All Aethelbert’s people became Christians too.
  • Aethelbert gave Augustine lots of land. He built 2 big monasteries. The first was called St. Augustine’s Abbey. The other one is Canterbury Cathedral.
  • Augustine is usually called ‘St. Augustine of Canterbury’. Do not mix him up with another famous man called ‘St. Augustine of Hippo’.
  • Later, missionaries went to other Saxon Kingdoms and persuaded them to become Christian too.


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