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Who were they?


  • The Britons were the people who lived in most of Britain before, during and after the Romans ruled it. They were a type of Celtic people.
  • They were named after their country and spoke a language called 'Brythonic'.
  • When the Romans ruled Britain, the Britons intermarried with many different types of people from all over the Roman Empire. So they are often called Romano-Britons or the Romano-British.
  • The Welsh, the Cornish, the Cumbrians and the Bretons of today are their descendants. Only the Welsh and the Bretons still speak a language similar to Brythonic. The Cornish and the Cumbrians now speak English.
  • The Cornish language has not been forgotten though and some people still learn it today.
  • The English and Southern Scots also partly descend from the Britons; but the English are descended from the Saxons too and the Southern Scots from the Scots.


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