Britain c. AD 450
Political Divisions

EBK presents a map of Britain as it may have appeared around AD 450. Vortigern's homeland has been divided amongst his sons, although he is still overlord [Pink]. A similar situation occurs in South Wales, but in Dyfed & Brycheiniog the heiresses marry Irish princes [Light Red]. In contrast, King Cunedda and his sons have arrived in North Wales and expelled the Irish. Gwynedd has many sub-kingdoms not shown [Dark Red]. Rheged and Ebrauc are divided amongst heirs [Blue]. Dumnonia is divided likewise, and possibly expands into Durotrigia [Yellow]. The Saxons are invited into Britain as mercenary allies. They appear to setlle around the Upper Thames. Later influxes establish themselves in Kent, Lincolnshire and Norfolk [Green].  Little is known of the Northern Pictish regions [Purple], but presumably the tribal divisions of previous ages survived into the 5th century.

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