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Extract from his "History of the Britons" (c.AD 830)

Then it was, that the magnanimous Arthur, with all the kings and military force of Britain, fought against them. And though there were many more noble than himself, yet he was twelve times chosen their Leader of Battles, and was as often conqueror. The first battle in which he was engaged, was at the mouth of the River Glein. The second, third, fourth and fifth, were on another river, by the Britons called Dubglas, in the region Linnuis. The sixth, on the River Bassas. The seventh in the Celidon Wood, which the Britons call the Battle of Coit Celidon. The eighth was near Guinnion Castle, where Arthur bore the image of the Holy Virgin, mother of God, upon his shield, and through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Mary, put the heathens to flight, and pursued them the whole day with great slaughter. The ninth was at the City of the Legion, which is called Cair Lion. The tenth was on the banks of the River Trath Tribruit. The eleventh was on the Mountain Breguoin [Agned], which we call the Battle of Bregion. The twelfth was a most severe contest, when Arthur penetrated to the hill of Badon. In this engagement, nine hundred and sixty fell by his hand alone, no one but the Lord affording him assistance. In all these engagements the Britons were successful. For no strength can avail against the will of the Almighty.


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