Lord Aed Brosc
(Born c.AD 400)
(Latin: Aetius; English: Adrian)

Aed Brosc was of the tribe of the Déssi who hailed from the County Waterford region of Ireland. His grandfather, Eochaid Allmuir (from Over the Sea) had left his homeland in the late 4th century when a bid for independence by his people was severely crushed by their High-King. There is some evidence to suggest the Roman authorities asked for his help in keeping Irish pirates away from the coastline of the Civtias Demetorum (Dyfed). Aed's son, Triffyn Farfog, married the heiress of the Dyfed kings and their descendants ruled there for many centuries. Aed is supposed to have had a second son called Urb, whose descendants eventually founded the Kingdom of Brycheiniog. However, the generations are wrong and he was probably an earlier relative. His great grandson was King Brychan Brycheiniog.

Like most Irish royalty, Eochaid claimed descent from Beli Mawr, the Celtic Sun-God, through his son, Miled. The Sons of Miled were the first Celts to come to Ireland, driving the Old Gods into the Otherworld and founding the Milesian dynasty of Irish Kings.

Records of Aed Brosc date from the 12th century. It is generally considered that he may well be historic.

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