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Aed Brosc's Ancestry

Aed Brosc was of the tribe of the Déssi who hailed from the County Waterford region of Ireland. His grandfather, Eochaid Allmuir (from Over the Sea) had left his homeland when a bid for independence by his people was severely crushed by their High-King. There is some evidence to suggest the Roman authorities asked for his help in keeping Irish pirates away from the Dyfed coast. His descendants in the area certainly used the Roman title of 'Protector' rather than king.

The descendants of Aed’s eldest son, Urb, eventually founded the Kingdom of Brycheiniog, while his younger son, Triffyn Farfog, married the heiress of the Dyfed Kings. Like most Irish Royalty, Eochaid claimed descent from Belenos, the Celtic Sun-God, through his son, Miled. The Sons of Miled were traditionally the first Celts to come to Ireland, driving the Old Gods into the Otherworld and founding the Milesian dynasty of Irish Kings.

  • Beli Mawr (the Great) alias Belenos
  • Miled
  • Eremon
  • Irial Faidh
  • Eithrial
  • Follain
  • Tigernmas
  • Eanbrotha
  • Smiomghall
  • Fiacha Lamhraein
  • Aongus Olmucach
  • Maoin
  • Rotheachta
  • Dein
  • Siorna Saoghalach
  • Olioll Olchaoin
  • Gialcadh
  • Nuadhas Fionnfail
  • Aedan Glas
  • Simon Breac
  • Muireadach Bolgach
  • Fiacha Tolgrach
  • Duach Ladhrach
  • Eochaidh Buidh
  • Ugaine Mor
  • Cobthach Caolbhreagh
  • Melg Molbhthach
  • Iaran Gleofathach
  • Conla Caomh
  • Olioll Casfiachlach
  • Eochaidh Altleathan
  • Aongus Tuirmeach Teamrach
  • Enna Aigneach
  • Asaman Eamhna
  • Roighean Ruadh
  • Fionnlogh
  • Fionn
  • Eochaidh Feidlioch
  • Fineamhas (Breas-Nar-Lothar)
  • Lughaidh Sriabhn Dearg
  • Crimthann Niadh Nar
  • Feredach Fionn Feachtnach
  • Fiacha Fionn Ola
  • Tuathal Teachtmar
  • Felim Rachtmar
  • Fiacha Suidhe
  • Cairbre Rigronn
  • Art Corp, Abt 190 -
  • Eochaid Allmuir (Over-Sea), Abt 240 -
  • Corath mac Eochaid, Abt 290 -
  • Aed Brosc, Abt 340 -
    • Urb mac Aed, Ancestor of the Kings of Brycheiniog, Abt 371 -
    • Triffyn Farfog, King of Dyfed, Abt 385 -


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