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Minor Anglo-Saxon Gods
of Anglo-Saxon England
Other Anglo-Saxon gods about whom we know very little are:
  • Hell, the Goddess of Death
    • She was the daughter of Loki. She ruled over the land of the after-life.
    • Christians used her name to describe the evil world of the Devil.
  • Hretha, the Goddess of Fame.
    • She was probably also a Goddess of War.
    • Her special month was March which, in Old English, was called 'Hretha's Month'.
    • It is possible that places in England beginning with Rad, Red or Read are named after her.
  • Ingui, the God of Fertility.
    • He was King of the Elves and the brother of Freo.
    • He is mentioned briefly in the Northumbrian Royal family tree and in the poem 'Beowulf'.
    • His sacred animal was the boar which he rode. He also had a magic sword.
    • He is sometimes shown as a bearded man with a big willy. An amulet like this has been found in an Anglo-Saxon grave.
  • Loki, the God of Cunning and Deceit.
    • He is not mentioned in Anglo-Saxon literature, but stories which usually involved him are mentioned occasionally.
    • Christians thought he was the Devil.
  • Seaxneat, the God of the Family or the Tribe.
    • He only appears in the family tree of the Kings of Essex.
    • He is thought to be the special god of the Saxons. He was not worshipped by the Angles or the Jutes.
  • Wade, the God of the Sea
    • He was the Anglo-Saxon god of the Sea and Sea-battles.
    • He is not mentioned in Anglo-Saxon literature, but he does appear in medieval English writing and there may be a few English places named after him.
    • Wade was a giant and the father of Wayland. He was the guardian of fords and ferries, and had his own ship.


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