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Was there a Body in the Famous Ship?

Paying Respects at the Great Sutton Hoo Ship -  Nash Ford Publishing

  • When archaeologists discovered the famous ship burial at Sutton Hoo, they didn't find a skeleton.
  • Some people think that the ship was just a memorial. There was never anyone buried there. This is called a 'cenotaph'.
  • However, the soil at Sutton Hoo is very acidic. A skeleton can dissolve in very acidic soil. This is very unusual though. It disappears, like sugar dissolving in water.
  • Archaeologists think that the boat caught rainwater and formed a big acidic bath.
  • They have tested the soil where they would expect to find a body. It contained chemicals which probably came from a dissolved body.
  • The dead person seems to have been buried in a large wooden coffin called a 'sarcophagus'. 
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But Who was buried there?


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