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Who was buried in the Famous Ship?
King Redwald in Sutton Hoo Costume -  Nash Ford Publishing
  • The weapons and armour found in the ship burial at Sutton Hoo show that the dead person was a man.
  • This man owned a big ship. He was buried in it. This shows he was a pagan.
  • He had possessions covered in gold and jewels. This shows he was very rich.
  • He possessed spoons which might have been Christian objects.
  • He also had things which had come from a long way away. This shows he had lots of contacts abroad.
  • The man owned what seems to be a standard and a sceptre. These show he was very powerful.
  • This rich and powerful man may have been a king. The Kings of East Anglia are thought to have lived at Rendlesham. This is not far from Sutton Hoo.
  • Some of the coins in the dead man's purse were made in AD 625. This shows he must have died after that date. 
  • There was a King of East Anglia who died some time between AD 617 and AD 631. His name was Redwald. He became a Christian, but was still keen on pagan ways. It was probably Redwald who was buried in the great Sutton Hoo ship burial.
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