Stolen Treasure at Sutton Hoo






  • The famous ship burial at Sutton Hoo was discovered under a mound called 'Mound 1'. There are about twenty other burial mounds in the same field.
  • Mound 1 is the biggest mound. Mound 2 is also very big. The others are smaller.
  • Several of these other mounds have been excavated by archaeologists.
  • Sadly, most of them had been robbed by treasure hunters. This probably happened in Tudor times.
  • The robbers didn't do a very good job. Archaeologists have found small things which they missed. They also use clever techniques to work out what metals have been buried in the ground.
  • Mound 2 contained another big ship. The dead person was buried in a wooden chamber underneath the ship. Only some small gold plaques were left from the treasure. It might have been the grave of King Redwald's son, King Erpwald.
  • Mound 17 was not robbed. It contained the graves of a man and his horse. The man wore a golden buckle inlaid with garnets (red gemstones). The horse wore a harness with gold decoration. This was like the horse trappings described in the 'Beowulf' poem.
  • Other mounds contained cremations. The dead person and their belongings were burnt and placed in a pot.


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