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Saxon Kingdom in the East

  • Traditionally, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire were settled by a Saxon group called Angles, from Angeln (South-West Denmark). Their laws show that many of them may actually have been from Frisia.
  • They set up a kingdom called Anglia. Later it became East Anglia, as more Angles moved westward.
  • Their first king was a man named Wuffa. His name means 'The Wolf'. He lived in the AD 570s. His family were known as the Wuffingas. They used a picture of a wolf as their family symbol.
  • The kings lived at Rendlesham. Their pagan burial ground was at Sutton Hoo. Later, their Royal monastery was at Blythburgh.
  • The kings built huge banks & ditches to protect their country from invasion.
  • The most famous King of East Anglia was King Redwald.
    • He lived in the early 7th century.
    • Redwald was very powerful. He became the Bretwalda (High-King) of England.
    • At first, he was a pagan; but Redwald went on holiday to Kent and became a Christian.
    • Redwald's wife didn't want to be a Christian. She persuaded him to worship pagan gods as well.
    • Redwald helped King Edwin take back his kingdom in Northumbria.
    • He died around in AD 625.
    • He was probably buried in the great ship burial at Sutton Hoo.
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