Ceretic, King of Elmet
(Born c.AD 560)
(Welsh: Ceredig; Latin: Caratacus; English: Craddock)

Ceretic, son of Gwallawc Marchawc Trin, was the last King of Elmet. He was killed, in 617, defending his kingdom against the invading Northumbrians. King Edwin of Deira had just reclaimed his kingdom after years of exile. He imposed re-asserted himself on Northern Britain by invading first Bernicia, and then Elmet.

Although an historical character who lived somewhat later than the great King Arthur, Ceretic appears to have been transformed, by medieval writers, into one of the Knights of the Round Table known as Sir Carados. As well as a warrior knight, he was the king of an area of Northern Britain which the story-tellers incorrectly refer to as 'Scotland'. This character is sometimes said to have been King Arthur's nephew, presumably because the King of Elmet's grand-uncle was King Arthuis of Greater Ebrauc.

Records of King Ceretic date back to the 8th century. He is generally considered historic.


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