Cynwyd Cynwydion, King of Cynwydion
(Born. c.AD 500)
(Latin: Conuvitus; English: Conowit)

Cynwyd was the eldest of the sons of Cunbelin ab Arthuis of Ebrauc (York). It is unclear what portion of Arthuis' domain came the way of Cunbelin and then Cynwyd (possibly the Peak District) or where or why Cynwyd's son, Cadrod, ended up ruling a kingdom called Calchfynedd. Traditionally this was around the Chiltern Hills but most historians think this too far south. According to the Welsh Triads, however, Cynwyd's epithet was the name of a people (named after him) rather than a territory. This might suggest that he and his followers were dispossesed of any lands they held in the North - probably by Cunbelin's brothers - and could well have headed south to claim land left bereft of a British leader. Cynwyd supposedly married Peren daughter of the, otherwise unknown, Greidal ab Athrwys ap Garmon and they had a disputed number of sons.

Records of King Cynwyd date back to the 12th century. He is generally considered apocryphal.


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